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facebook Personal Growth Adventure Camp (July 17-21, 2019)

Experiential Dynamics and Brandywine Outfitters is combining to provide Adventure-Based Learning. We teach through self-discovery, personal growth and leadership skills. Our program is experiential (learn by doing) in nature. Our main goal is always "safe fun", with the emphasis on "safe", including both physical and emotional safety. This atmosphere encourages individuals as well as groups to reach beyond their perceived limits, set and reach higher goals, improve confidence, increase self-esteem and develop strategies that enhance problem solving and decision making skills. Groups will discover the power of cooperation, acceptance of individuals strengths and weaknesses, while learning to respect personal differences within the group. This program will also assist individuals to look at their own actions and how those actions affect other individuals around them. Opportunities will be provided for participants to improve or develop "skills for success". Participants will challenge their own "perceived limits" in a safe supportive environment. Focusing on the journey, rather than the destination is stressed, since that is how we will reach our highest achievements.

The "3 R's", which will be stressed, must be a priority in any educational, business or real life setting if one is to have success and fulfillment in one's personal life.

  • Respect for self and others.
  • Responsibility for what we think, feel, say and do.
  • Relationships that are healthy and supportive.

Issues to be emphasized are:

  • Working together towards a common goal
  • Setting personal goals and a plan of action for reaching them
  • Communication, listening skills, follow directions
  • Problem solving / decision making / leadership skills
  • Trust vs. non-trust actions and steps for building trusting relationships
  • Respecting individual differences and being responsible for one's own actions
  • Dealing with fears and challenging one's own "perceived limits"
  • Building a personal safety system in life

Where: Brandywine Outfitters
2096 Strasburg Road
Coatesville, PA 19320
When: July 17-21, 2019

Five Full Days of Adventure Programming

High Ropes Challenge Course:

High ropes experiences are characterized more by individuals challenging their own "perceived limits" within a supportive group environment. High elements are made from cables and ropes attached to trees or poles that range in height from twenty-five (25) to fifty (50) feet off the ground. All climbers are attached to a belay system consisting of a rope tied to the climber that runs through a pulley hanging from a cable (tested to 17,000 lbs.) above their head and returning to a highly trained professional that will guide the participant through the physically, emotionally and intellectually challenging experiences. Some of the issues addressed are: goal setting, challenging one's own fears and perceived limits, how a group can affect an individual's success, dealing with problems one step at a time and belief in one's self.

Low Ropes Challenge Course:

Low ropes experiences are based on the individuals actions and how those actions affect others around them and group cohesion as whole. Low elements are made from cables and ropes attached to trees or poles that range in height from one (1) to five (5) feet off the ground. Some of the issues addressed are: communication, listening skills, following directions, trust, power of group cooperation, physical and emotional support, decision making, problem solving, leadership/followship issues, respecting individual differences within a group and responsibility for ones own actions. Other activities include cooperative games, trust activities and group initiatives.

Rock Climbing - Top Rope

Top rope rock climbing is the same concept as high ropes. The participant will be attached to a rope that is anchored at the top of the cliff and belayed by a certified belayer at the bottom. Only difference you are climbing up routes of varying difficulty on the face of a 40' high rock face.

Kayaking and Canoeing:

Water safety, proper techniques and improve stroke mechanics for canoeing and kayaking will be taught. Techniques will be taught, practiced and challenged on flat water then tested on a trip down the Brandywine River.

Our kayaking and canoeing program gives instructions on state laws and paddling skills as well as safety. After the instructions, you can practice your skills on our 10 acre stillwater area. Our facility is working hard to create a universal paddle spot facility for all levels of ability. Recommended ages 10 and up. This activity can be combined with other programming up to 40 persons.

All programming will be under the following guidelines:

Two main concepts establish the foundations on which we build. The Full Value Contract and Challenge by Choice. These two concepts give individuals and groups the self-empowerment and safety to take risks. These "perceived risks" enable individuals and groups to grow in the process of change and discovery. The philosophy of participation is not based on competition against others, but rather with oneself in a fun and supportive environment. Group success is determined by everyone succeeding, not a chosen few.


  1. Agree to be safe:
  2. You are responsible for your own and each other's physical safety by being present mentally, physically and emotionally.
  3. Agree to valuing behaviors and no putdowns:
  4. Be supportive physically and emotionally by listening and making everyone fell needed and important to success.
  5. Agree to give and receive honest feedback:
  6. Everyone has the right to let others know their feelings and thoughts. We must be conscious of how we say things, so others can deal with what we say and not how we say it. Specific, descriptive, observable, behaviors must be communicated to reinforce or change behaviors of others.
  7. Agree to "let go" of negative feelings, stale issues and move on:
  8. We need to listen to each other, come to the best understanding possible, then move on in the process of learning and growth. Carrying negative baggage from place to place will only disrupt our lives.


  1. Agree to participate to the best of your ability:
  2. We all have strengths and weaknesses. A person must give their best try, physically, emotionally and mentally and that is all that can be expected from anyone including yourself.
  3. Be responsible for your own actions:
  4. A person must be responsible for "all" actions they take. One is responsible for all they say, feel, think, or do.
  5. Choose your level of challenge:
  6. Everyone must choose the level of participation they are comfortable with that reflects their best effort yet challenges their "perceived limits".
  7. You have the right to say "yes" or "no":
  8. There are things in this world that you should say no to, and things you should say yes to. Decision making and what is right for you. If one does not set appropriate reachable yet challenging goals, they will have no idea where they are going.

Who Can Attend And Costs

Students ages 12 to 16

Times: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

$575 per person for the week (5 day program) -- includes all fees, transportation, rental costs, and all programming activities.


Questions: Craig Erb   484-883-2352

Send Payments and Registration Materials to:

Experiential Dynamics, Inc.
414 Brighton Dam Road
Brookeville, MD 20833


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